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Leadership Strategies for Tomorrow's Leaders Podcast with Mike Lejeune

Jun 1, 2022

Watch this episode of Strategies of Tomorrow's Leaders featuring Thecia Jenkins, Certified Emotional Intelligence and DiSC Consultant, as she talks about Emotional Intelligence in Leadership.

Show notes:

1:50 How Thecia's interest in Emotional Intelligence started

3:20 Using EQ as the foundation

5:15 Thecia's advice on how to become more aware of emotional responses on circumstances that one might be dealing with

8:20 The Amygdala Hijack, Personality Styles and EQ

15:37 Emotional Intelligence in First Responders

17:25 Dealing with the little things in life

18:30 Social and Emotional Learning and its role in developing the next generation of leaders

23:30 Thecia's favorite point in our journey of Equip to Lead